The Green Screen Machine


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Students shouldn’t be limited by the walls of a classroom. With the help of a green screen in the classroom, students can be transported into a new world.

This grant seeks to allow all students at Dabbs the opportunity to use green screen technology to assist in their demonstration of understanding of their classroom learning.

The goal of this grant is to provide the necessary materials so that students and teachers can create products utilizing green screens that showcase not only their creativity but their understanding of TEKS in the classroom.

Students and teachers will use the Do Ink green screen app and green screen backdrops to create videos or images that transport them into the setting of a book or in a time period in history. Students can use green screen and puppets to act out a math problem or be transported into the water cycle. The morning news could now be broadcast from a professional news studio. The possibilities with green screen are endless.

Campus: Dabbs Elementary
Number of Students Impacted: 600
Grades: Kindergarten - 5th