The Art of Painting with Stone


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After being awarded a Fund For Teachers grant in 2018 to travel to Spain to learn the art of making mosaics in the style of Antoni Gaudi, I brought my experience, knowledge and skills back to my art students to create mosaics to cover six concrete benches in DWJH’s atrium.

The Deer Park Education Foundation has been instrumental in funding four benches, so far and it is now time to apply for monies for the last two benches! My students began creating mosaics in the fall semester of this school year and are on track to have the next batch of artwork installed this spring on two more benches. We will start installation when the weather is more conducive to being outdoors for an extended period of time.

Last year, teachers, students, and a parent came to the school on a Saturday and helped to install the student’s mosaics from the previous year on two of the benches. They look amazing! With grant funds we would like to purchase materials to cover the additional benches.

Campus: Deepwater Junior High
Number of Students Impacted: 640
Grades: 6th, 7th, 8th