Spiraling to Success


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The 8th grade US History teachers at Fairmont Junior High will use these materials to impact not only the current 8th grade students but all 8th grade students for many years to come.

The goals of our project are to move students from surface level learning to mastery. Currently in 8th grade, the state has set approximately 1000 concepts for student to learn over their course of the school year. With these materials, it will allow us to streamline the essential knowledge and skills that our students will need in order to master the content and improve student discourse.

In this project, we are requesting stylus, Lowman Consulting materials that are designed to continually spiral essential concepts and improve student retention. These materials are daily quizzes, activities, written discourse, and daily Cornell notes to guide our instruction. The stylus will allow us to utilize these materials in a cost-efficient way and allow students to create a digital portfolio of their learning.

Campus: Fairmont Junior High
Number of Students Impacted: 250
Grades: 8th