Sensory Tables


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The Grant funds would be used to purchase a table for each of the 12 classrooms. All students in Pre-K and Pre-K inclusion will be impacted.

Students needing extra sensory outlets and additional fine motor development will be impacted the most.

Child sorts objects that are the same and different into groups and uses language to describe how the groups are similar and different Students will be motivated to use the sensory tables as an extension of their fine motor and sensory needs, these tables will extend Pre-K Guidelines and Pre-K Objectives.

This enhances a child's fine motor skills by creating ample opportunities for a child to manipulate a different variety of tools, besides the typical scissor and pencil. They can now manipulate tweezers to pick up a letter tile, pipettes to move water to different measuring cups, scoops and shovels to demonstrate different volumes, and discovery tools that can be used to further children's object investigation.

Campus: Early Childhood Center
Number of Students Impacted: 192
Grades: Pre-Kindergarten