Running Toward Success


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Running Toward Success is a social-emotional learning program that incorporates running to increase pro-social skills.

The counselor at Carpenter Elementary will lead the program with the assistance of school staff volunteers. Girls meeting the state's at-risk criteria in grades 3 through 5 will be selected to participate based on current progress, support system, and teacher recommendations.

This year-long program encourages positive emotional, social, mental, physical, and academic development. The group participates in hour long sessions two times per week after-school at Carpenter Elementary. One session per week focuses on learning a new social-emotional skill such as how to demonstrate integrity or increase perseverance. The other session is used as a run clinic.

The cost per student includes a pair of running shoes, a T-shirt, supplies for activities and incentives and registration for various fun runs for the girls. We have seen huge success with the program boosting self-esteem and increasing scores on test such as STAR Renaissance Reading and STAR Renaissance Math.

Campus: Carpenter Elementary
Number of Students Impacted: 25
Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th