Physical Fitness Success


Regular price $2,500.00

We would like to use the grant funds to purchase a variety of work out equipment including: turboscooters, DuraHoops, Airfoam Balls, Floor Hocky and Dolly Twist.

Students will learn new and innovative ways to stay physically fit and active. By receiving this grant we will be able to offer a variety of activities to fit all physical fitness levels. We will also be able to further engage the kids with new concepts and activities to keep them interested and ready to come back for more.

Getting students to be physically active is extremely important not just for their overall physical health but also for their mental health. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between physical activity and academic success. Active and happy students in the gym are active and happy students in the classroom.

Campus: Carpenter Elementary
Number of Students Impacted: 800
Grades: Kindergarten - 5th