English 1 Classroom Library Initiative


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The plan is to purchase approximately 200 books with anywhere from twenty to forty titles. Conducted by all 9th grade English teachers, the 9th Grade Classroom Library Initiative will affect each of Deer Park’s approximately 1,000 9th graders.

Objectives of the classroom library are to more effectively implement the state’s new TEKS, which mandate self-selected reading, increase student literacy, and improve reading and writing scores on standardized tests, including those needed for high school graduation, college and career readiness, and college admission.

More importantly, this initiative aims to reintroduce students to the power and the beauty of the written word, to give them the freedom and the responsibility to become better readers and writers as they pursue their personal interests.

These classroom libraries will provide a foundation for the daily reading, writing, and discussion activities occurring in all 9th grade ELAR classrooms. Under the direction of Jerri Rossi, the South Campus librarian, Hugh Sample, the High School ELA instructional facilitator, and Billye Turner, the North Campus Department Chair, the 9th grade ELA team will select books from the Textbook Warehouse, Barnes and Noble, Southwest Bookstore, and Follett, depending on which vendor or vendors provide the best deals for particular titles.

Campus: DPHS-North
Number of Students Impacted: 1000
Grades: 9th