Expanding the World of Digital Art


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The world of digital art is expanding every day. Students who go into graphic design, art, and gaming need to have experience with different platforms of digital art. One way is by creating and designing through art tablets. These tablets will allow students to use a surface and stylus to draw, design and shade on the desktop computers. Our high schools have these tablets in addition to colleges and universities. Not only can art students benefit from this, but science as well. Students can annotate/draw on an image or chart in their science class and easily upload their work to Canvas. The One by Wacom Small Tablets are $69.95 each and we are asking for a class set. This will benefit art and science classes in addition to sharing with the other junior highs.

Campus: Bonnette Junior High
Number of Students Impacted: 300
Grades: 6th, 7th, 8th