Breaking Out of the Norm


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Breaking Out of the Norm is a project that will impact all PreK through 2nd grade students at Parkwood Elementary. The project consists of using the materials and learning resources from Breakout EDU.

Breakout EDU, provides students learning through gamification. Students "breakout" or "escape" similar to popular escape rooms, with challenges of all levels meeting all content area TEKS. Teachers will plan with the CTIS to establish a learning or review goal for the project. The project/activity can take place anytime during the school year and will not interrupt instruction time, since the object is to review any set of TEKS at any grade level.   

Breakout EDU 6-Kit Bundle...$800 Includes:

6 Breakout EDU Kits and 6 Platform Access Codes.

Access to 900 games, if needed

Teachers can create and assign games to their classes.

In addition, students can now create games, which once reviewed, can be shared with a class game library.

Campus: Parkwood Elementary
Number of Students Impacted: 750
Grades: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd