Analyzing Antibacterials


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Students enrolled in Biology and Aquatic Science at Wolters Campus will test different simulated urine samples to see if a certain microbial agent can move up the food chain and be found in human samples.

Each student enrolled in the classes will be performing the lab in groups or individually as the time arises. As this activity uses chemicals, it will be conducted in the classroom's laboratory area.

The use of antimicrobial chemicals has steadily increased in use since the 1970s without much thought to it's potential impacts on different system functions.

After the investigation, students will study some potential effects of antimicrobial chemical use as well as explore various labeling procedures for everyday items and evaluate potential consequences of continued exposure.

Campus: DPHS-Wolters
Number of Students Impacted: 100
Grades: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th