Coding to Success


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Coding with Success is a project that builds upon our PWE Students’ knowledge of coding/programming. The goal of the project is to take our students from the basics of programming to an advanced level involving: creativity, collaboration and learning in many subjects.

We want to build on the number of robots to get smaller groups onto one robot. The robots for this project are perfect for all students at Parkwood. BeeBots and KIBO robots are age/grade level appropriate and can be used for extended learning.

Students at Parkwood know the basics of programming such as understanding commands and computational thinking. We are ready to take the next step to creating presentations with the robots to help solve problems and integrate into the subjects. The robots will be used throughout the school year and will be available to all teachers for check out.

Campus: Parkwood Elementary
Number of Students Impacted: 750
Grades: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd