Building Inventory to Enhance Instruction


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This is my 2nd year to be teaching Team Sports at North Campus. Last year I was able to use the grant money we were given to begin purchasing items that could help facilitate a classroom culture of learning how to play all different types of sports/games.

Without the proper equipment meant that there was also a teaching/learning barrier, but that gap has been bridged with the items we were able to get last year. I was able to start acquiring the items needed to begin building a good inventory of equipment but it is still a work in progress.

Also, even though this equipment is being used in structured and monitored environments, the wear and tear on the equipment has shown over a years worth of being used 6 times a day for over 150 days.

This would benefit all of the students who are enrolled in Team Sports, approximately 245, and will provide them fun and engaging learning opportunities as I can continue to incorporate a wide variety of ""team sports"" to teach/play.

The entire year, my students come into the gym knowing this is a class and not just "open gym" time. They look forward to playing and competing in different types of games that are provided for them. I would like to continue to provide them that fun learning atmosphere by having the appropriate equipment to do so.

Campus: DPHS-North
Number of Students Impacted: 245
Grades: 9th