Connections to Success


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Early adolescence is a time of rapid individual change which can cause a decline in school grades. Between 15% and 30% of U.S. adolescents, depending on the ethnic group, drop out of school before completing high school. Adolescents also have the highest arrest rate of any age group and an increasing number of them report consuming alcohol or other drugs regularly according to the Office of Educational Research and Improvement.

The funds will be used to create activities and field trips that help these students achieve success in an environment where they have previously been unsuccessful.

Selected students are given the opportunity to take an elective with a small teacher-student ratio. Through the use of interpersonal relationships as well as problem-solving and organizational skills conducted in enrichment activities and field trips, we will help navigate these different challenges facing a junior high student. 

Campus: Deer Park Junior High
Number of Students Impacted: 25
Grades: 7th, 8th