Building Innovation Growth and Rigor through Enrichment at Deer Park Junior high (BIG RED)


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The funds would be used to support the BIG RED program which is DPJH's enrichment classes for advanced academic students enrolled in the 8th grade.

Students participating in the BIG RED program have the opportunity to interact with their intellectual peers in a learning environment designed to facilitate and expand their knowledge and experiences. BIG RED focuses on the strengths, nature and needs of gifted and advanced development of creative, confident leaders.

BIG RED is designed to aid students in understanding themselves as learners. The characteristics of this program include: curriculum tied to real-world issues, advanced-level, real world products and activities, advanced technology opportunities, mini-course opportunities, choice-based study, awareness of the social and emotional needs of gifted and advanced academic students.

Students select from such classes as: community service project, fencing, Escape the Room, space exploration, crime solving, video game development, sign language, cake decorating, and much more.

Campus: Deer Park Junior High
Number of Students Impacted: 100
Grades: 8th